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House & Land Packages

The House & Land process is as follows:
I will assist you with finding the ideal block and design
Purchase land through your estate agent. You will be required to pay a deposit and the remaining balance upon settlement
The build is done through us. It will take you approx. 3 months from when you sign on with us to get to contract/build stage as there are many things that need to be done during that period (drawing the plan, soil test, site survey, selections, engineering, energy rating & quotation)
Once your contract is signed, we start the build (8 months for double storey & split level)
There will be preliminary fees payable within the 3 months (minimal – about $5,000) which will then be deducted off your contract price
That’s about it, it’s a pretty smooth process and most people can usually get organised to build prior to that 3-month period (depending on finance etc). 
Please note that any of our predesigned homes can be modified and so long as you are sticking with the same size & similar external shell, you won’t be charged additional $ for the modifications.Contact Henden Homes